Transforming the humble tea towel into absorbent artwork since 2008...

Dino Meat Chart tea towel

  • 100% Organic Unbleached Cotton
  • Hang Tag Included
Close your eyes... Imagine it's the year 65 million BC and you've invited all your friends round for a slap-up barbecue*. You've got Marc Bolan playing on the radio** and you're cooking up some Triceratops sirloin steaks. Sounds like prehistoric heaven to us!

Produced for an exhibition in LA called 'When Superstars Ruled The World', Jay Jay Burridge's Dino Meat Chart tea towel is the perfect accompaniment to any carnivore's (or vegetarian palaeontologist's) kitchen.

You can read more about Jay Jay's spectacular dinosaur exhibition and exploits on his website:

Approx dimensions: 76cm x 48cm

* We know, we know... humans weren't around then, but bear with us...
** Again with the suspension of disbelief

£ 9.95

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