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Pick and Mix tea towel

  • Linen Union
  • Hang Tag Included

When I was about 7 our local Woolworths launched their new pick and mix section. My older brother and I were so incredibly excited that we rushed down there on our bmx bikes, pocket money clenched tightly in our sticky hands. Being the younger sibling I placed all faith and trust in my brother that he would show me how it all worked, how to weigh the bag, take it to the till etc. etc. "You just fill it to the top. Cram as much in as you can," he said. Thanks Simon. It came to £8.62 and I had about 60 pence to spend. I had to put it all back under the watchful glare of the shop assistant. Still, it didn't put me off sweets and this tea towel is a belter!

Approx dimensions: 47cm x 70cm

£ 11.50

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