Sure, you can use a tea towel to dry your dishes and [shudder] sometimes your hands if a jacquard cotton hand towel isn't readily available but what else are they good for? 

Here's our definitive list of alternative uses for a tea towel...

1. Drying the dishes

2. Rubbing down a wet dog (but don't then use it for number #1)

3. Placing over a bowl of freshly-kneaded bread dough

4. Lining a bread basket, fruit bowl, or tea tray

5. Keeping tea warm by using it like a tea cosy

6. Placing underneath a wobbly bowl whilst whisking ingredients so that it doesn't slide off the worktop

7. Taking hot things out of the oven

8. Creating a tight seal on pots when steaming (or on your slow cooker)

9. Attaching it to your waist with a belt to form a handy apron

10. Using it like a drying rack for champagne glasses

11. Gently patting dry salad leaves 

12. Covering food at picnics to protect it from flies

13. Covering food to keep it warm (we're thinking baked goods)

14. Keeping chopping boards steady

15. Placing between pots and pans to protect then from scratches when they're being stored

16. Using as placemats at the dinner table

17. Using as napkins

18. Using as a weapon (get the right wrist flick and you can cause some serious damage to your opponent)

19. Lining shelves inside kitchen cabinets

20. Framing as absorbent art (we suggest using spray starch before ironing them to make them super-wrinkle-free)

21. Placing over computer keyboards to keep out dust and cat hair

22. Wrapping a bottle of wine to take round to friends' houses

23. Folding to make animal shapes, especially chickens (if you're that way inclined)

24. Using as fabric to making bunting, cushions, and bags

25. Tucking into the back of children's trousers to play a game of chase pretending to be cats and mice

* Well, actually 25 but who's counting??!