It is with equal parts sadness and giddiness that we have made the decision to throw in the (tea) towel. We shall be permanently closing ToDryFor later this year in order to start something new and exciting. 

ToDryFor began life in 2008, back when Dave and I were both working full-time jobs in the publishing industry. We were both in our late twenties, had no children, and had plenty of drive and enthusiasm to start a business together. We're now both in our early 40s, have two daughters, and are unfortunately lacking the love we once held for retail. We still love each other of course, and tea towels (natch), but fancy a fresh challenge in life.

So... onwards and upwards! We're just in the process of organising our closing sale, so do please keep your peepers on the lookout for forthcoming bargains. Speaking of which, you may also wish to check out our sister site, Beast in Show, for discounts on cushions, mugs, placemats, and more.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been part of our tea towel love affair. We can honestly say that we have had the kindest, loveliest, and most interesting customers. We've relished hearing about the curtains you've made out of tea towels, about your fondness for vintage designs, and about the friends and family you have bought presents for over the years and why they are so special to you. We will miss you all!

Love Sally and Dave x