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ToDryFor is a young, family-run independent British business selling and creating possibly one of the most British products of all time... tea towels.

Established in 2008 by husband and wife team Sally and David Emery, ToDryFor began life as an online designer tea towel boutique collating and selling a cohesive collection of illustrated tea towel designs by various artists. officially became one of the UK’s Coolest Brands in 2012 (see Awards section below) and a ToDryFor-branded range of tea towels was created, growing the business from being merely a retail website to also include production and wholesale. ToDryFor has supplied well-known department stores across the world, including Heal’s, Debenhams, Liberty, and Selfridges in the UK.

Sally and David continue to commission emerging and established artists, illustrators, and even filmmakers to transform the humble tea towel into attention worthy, absorbent artwork. Their aim is to create high-quality, design-led products that are made in Britain, championing British artists and supporting British manufacturing.

Sally and David’s approach to business involves a heavy dose of British humour and includes an obsessive love of puns, which can be seen in their other enterprise, Beast In Show (


  • was established in 2008.
  • Sally and David both had full time jobs in publishing when the website launched.
  • ToDryFor is based in West Yorkshire, ironically surrounded by obsolete textile mills and plenty of sheep.
  • The majority of tea towels available from, and all ToDryFor-branded towels, are produced in England. The cotton fabric is cut to size, printed, sewn in small quantities, and then packaged by hand.
  • ToDryFor has been visited by people from nearly 200 countries (which is pretty much all of them!) and tea towels have been sent all around the world. ToDryFor has delivered dish cloths to a total of 68 countries including Afghanistan, Iceland, Mozambique, Japan, and Sri Lanka to name but a few.
  • Famous customers include Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Patrick Kielty, and everybody’s favourite superstar DJ, Norman Cook.
  • Sally and David eventually succumbed to the lure of a dishwasher in 2013 but they still need tea towels to dry up the base of mugs that pool with water on the top rack!

Logo, Branding, and Images

ToDryFor is a registered trademark. When referencing the company and website, the name should be written without spaces in between each word, whilst capitalising the first letter of each word.

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Low res images from the website are copyright protected but may be used for reference purposes in blogs and general press coverage on condition that they are credited to Images must not be used by other companies selling the same product.

Please feel free to use our logo below in any online articles...

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Low res photo of ToDryFor owners, Sally and David Emery:
Sally and Dave Emery
(Photo taken by Natalie Healeas)

Press Coverage

We’ve been incredibly grateful for all the press coverage we’ve received since starting ToDryFor back in 2008. To see previous print and online articles and features, please see our As Featured In page...

As well and print and digital coverage, we have been involved in radio interviews and also a CBC documentary about royal merchandise and memorabilia entitled Marketing The Monarchy (Canadian customers can watch the documentary online here).

Awards has become synonymous with high-quality designer tea towels and was awarded Cool Brand status in 2012/13, being voted one of the top 500 coolest brands in the UK by an independent poll of experts and consumers, all administered by the Centre for Brand Analysis.

Charity Involvement

For the last few years has proudly supported The Sick Children’s Trust, donating a percentage of profits to their annual Big Chocolate Tea Party campaign.

In 2017 we were delighted to have worked on a collaboration between ToDryFor, The Sick Children's Trust, and artist Rob Ryan. Rob very kindly donated the artwork for our latest Helping Hand tea towel; all profit from the sale of this tea towel goes directly to The Sick Children's Trust. 

The Sick Children's Trust's exists to aid the recovery of sick children by supporting the whole family. They work to a future where every family with a seriously ill child in hospital will be able to stay together, just minutes from their child’s bed during their treatment. They believe keeping families together significantly improves the recovery of seriously ill children, providing free, high-quality ‘Home from Home’ accommodation, as well as emotional and practical support, to families with sick children in hospital in the UK. 

The Sick Children's Trust logo
Article Suggestions / Sample Copy

Absorbent Art
What with the state of the economy, Brexit looming, and a general feeling of doom and gloom, it’s no wonder people are looking for thrifty ways to brighten up their homes. It’s like the sins of Changing Rooms never happened and IKEA hacks are all the rage.

Enter the trusty tea towel that looks as good hanging from a peg in your kitchen as it does spray-starched, ironed, and framed above your bed. If you get bored, simply swap tea towels (as long as it doesn’t have any dubious dinner stains lurking in the corner from where you mopped up your kid’s spag bol)...

You name the trend and ToDryFor reckons there’s a tea towel for that! Dogs? Check. Veg? Check. Nautical? Check. Floral? Check. Concrete? Maybe not, but if it’s bright and cheery then ToDryFor offer a perfect, cheap, and easy solution to add a touch of on-trend living to your terrazzo-tiled kitchen...

Cool by Association
So you can no longer squeeze into your 90s indie kid flares and you wouldn’t be seen dead doing the school run in your ex-boyfriend’s Chaka Demus & Pliers t-shirt, both of which you used to think were cool by the way. What are you going to do now to prove you’re in with the in crowd? How are you going to subtly point out to dinner guests that you’re hip, you’re cool, you know what’s cookin’? (Probably best to avoid using that phrase, for starters).

Well, how’s about casually polishing your champagne glasses with a David Bowie design, or bringing a hot dish to the table using your new Ryan Gosling tea towel (who is, coincidentally, a hot dish)?!? ToDryFor offer a range of tea towel designs featuring everything from modern pop icons (Dave Grohl and Jarvis Cocker) to Donna Wilson designs so you can once again pigeonhole yourself into your preferred category of cool!


For further information, high res images and branding, or indeed anything else that we’ve not covered above, please do get in touch: / +44 (0)845 6529274