Transforming the humble tea towel into absorbent artwork since 2008...

Dance More tea towel

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hang Tag Included

A design by Oli Frape 

Waaaaaay back when in the mid-nineties you used to find me dancing at every available opportunity. As soon as any half-way decent indie band would come on the radio I'd be up in a flash, jumping about like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club, doing my best Jarvis Cocker pointing and Claire Danes sideways-eyes (having been heavily-influenced by My So Called Life). Alas, now you'll only find me dancing to Dexys at weddings. I really need to take this tea towel to heart, playing harder, worrying less, and definitely, definitely dancing more...

This stunning, hand-lettered, inspirational design should be chanted mantra-style whilst drying your dishes and boogeying to the Backstreet Boys.  

Take a sneaky peek at Oli's artist biog...

Approx dimensions: 76cm x 48cm

£ 4.95 £ 9.95

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