Transforming the humble tea towel into absorbent artwork since 2008...

Kitten and Spring Flowers tea towel

  • Linen Union

Sadly, the first thing I think when I see this tea towel is, "I bet that cat is about to poo in my flowers." I'm sure that's not the case but I'm ready with my water pistol just in case...

This Irish linen and cotton tea towel (made by Lamont) is an unused, as new, vintage towel from a collection that has been in storage since the 1970s and 1980s (so it might smell authentically musty before you wash it). We only have very small quantities of each vintage design so we recommend that you don't hang about; once they're gone, that's it we're afraid!

Approx dimensions: 49cm x 74cm

£ 10.00

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