Transforming the humble tea towel into absorbent artwork since 2008...

Know Your Cocktails tea towel

  • 100% Cotton
  • Hang Tag Included

A design by Crispin Finn

Do you know a Martini from a Margarita? Does the term Bloody Mary make you think of your annoying neighbour or hair of the dog? Think a Rum Flip is a jolly good acrobatic trick? Well then, this one's for you!

Get to know your cocktails with this amazing, alcohol-inspired tea towel. Designed by Crispin Finn (aka the supreme masters of red, white, and blue) for a ToDryFor/Urban Outfitters collaboration.

Take a sneaky peek at Crispin Finn's artist biog...

Approx dimensions: 48cm x 76cm

£ 9.95

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